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Saturday, August 11, 2018

San Fran Judge hands $289 Million to One Man Impacted by Round Up -- What About the 300 Million People Impacted?

Just pointing out the insanity of our "justice system".

Sure this guy was more than impacted, he will die.   But what man's life is worth $289 M?

It sets a stupid precedent.   Because if others can also sue, and get amounts like this....Monsanto will either choose to
1) Die
2) Fight back with any and all means, including murder, installation of judges and politicians, massive bribes. 

I have personal experience with Roundup, needed to use it to kill established weeds and install a Prairie.    Hadn't used before.   Ended up  with 3 weeks of the worst "Asthma" ever, needing to use the Quick inhaler about every 0 minutes, including occasionally having to wake up at night to use inhaler.

The false meme here, just like radiation, is that cancer is the only thing that you need to worry about.


stock here -- But overall this is still massive news -- and the Globalist Coup on USA is taking all the news spots.    Fox, ABC, CNN, Google News no one is covering this at all today.  

NBC had a short video, and no way to embed or direct link, how lame is that?

I later found one on Rueters

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