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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Solar Related Gamma Rays aka GCRs and Volcanic Nucleation

stock -- this was a draft article that I decided to just take it live, there is so much stuff going on.


from Lots wife

Mahalo! I will drop your material into a draft article so I don’t lose it.   
I am thinking Moana Loa (and just this week, Moana Kea showing signs of life) are more “nucleated” because their magma chambers are more exposed, closer to the surface, than many other volcanos, some deep chamber volcs may not see many GCR’s

Stock out

From: Subject: Basaltic Eruptions Appear To Cause Abrupt Global Warming

Good work, Stock…but need distinctions between basaltic and explosive eruptions. When GCRs flux there appear to be differential effects. Pete Ward is the man. He has multiple vids…curiously, his numbers are low. I alerted Adapt2030 to Ward last year. Crickets…David has his blind spots. As additional data accumulates, what’s clear as cancer is that TPTB fed the world a ration of shit - ‘you are responsible for warming; you need to be controlled’. Precious years were lost running down a dead-end trail. You might call/contact Ward for a personal angle on Hawaii and the bigger picture. Am looking forward to your assimilation of Ward’s work.

16:00 presentation, 2016

Introducing Peter L. Ward [27years with USGS] who presents data showing the geologic footprints of climate change throughout Earth history show sudden warming followed by much slower cooling in erratic sequences averaging 5000 years that are not cyclic. Roughly self-regulating, Earth's climate is driven by volcanic eruptions. Explosive events cool [mostly] the planet while oozing lava flows warm the planet. 

Sulfur dioxide SO2 [...] and fine ash absorb ultraviolet energy from the sun that causes the bonds between and within their atoms to oscillate at 47 times higher frequency than the bonds in CO_{2} absorbing infrared radiation. Temperature is proportional to the kinetic energy of these oscillations, i.e. the frequency squared. Thus these gases are raised to much higher temperatures than greenhouse gases.

...SO2 from China is traceable across the Pacific Ocean even to eastern America, perhaps playing a major role in the unusually high air temperatures in 2010. Atmospheric circulation in the northern hemisphere moves SO2 towards the pole where it is the primary cause of Arctic Haze. In polar regions, solar radiation travels longer path lengths through the atmosphere during longer summer days than in equatorial regions, contributing to the well-documented excessive global warming in the Arctic....In August 2014, Bárðarbunga in central Iceland began erupting basaltic lava flows that in six months covered an area of 33 square miles, the size of Manhattan, the highest rate of such lava extrusion since 1783, a major event. Chlorine and bromine from such lava depletes the ozone layer, allowing more ultraviolet-B solar radiation to reach Earth.


Jules Verne meets Hans Solo
Full Spectrum Dominance via Ionization of the Atmosphere

Space War [spawar] is real; it’s happening. According to this speaker, geo-physcial events [fires, floods, drought, earthquakes and volcanoes] can be traced to microwave energy deliberately added to the atmosphere above Earth’s surface.

[there’s a 2 minute-long audio glitch midway in the tape]

It’s on your watch.


Jim Lee asks…


Scoville and co begin by explaining the chemistry that leads to igneous rocks behaving like semiconductors. They point out that when magma crystallises in the presence of water, the resulting silicates contain peroxy bonds consisting of OH groups.
Under huge pressures and temperatures, these bonds can break to form electron-hole pairs. The electrons become trapped near broken peroxy bonds but the holes are free to travel through the crystal structure. The natural diffusion of these holes leads to a separation of charge, creating regions of the rock that are positively and negatively charged.
The boundary between these regions behaves like the p-n junction of a diode, say Scoville and co. This allows current to flow in one direction but not the other. At least not until the potential difference reaches a certain value when the boundary breaks down allowing a sudden increase in current.


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