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Monday, August 13, 2018

Super Foods -- Essential For Healthy Living In Our Toxic Environment

stock here.
I will expand on this topic as time allows, but this coconut video is top notch, so start with this.

One of my German Shepherds had a grapefruit size tumor on his spleen.   It was removed and tested to show it was the "non spreading" type of cancer.   So now I call him "Mark 2", better than a boiling water reactor Mark 1, LOL, a second lease on life.

But I learned a lot about eating an anti-cancer diet which my dogs and myself are on now.   Its fairly simple, not too expensive, and not to hard to implement, and also can be really tasty.

I will share this knowledge when I can compile it, and I will postulate that if you do not eat an anti-cancer diet, that you are Bat Shit Crazy BSC.

For now, lets start with this super food.  

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