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Sunday, August 19, 2018

There have only been 3 Large and DEEP Earthquake in the Last 100 Years, World Wide, Yesterday Was One of Them

Large and DEEP earthquakes are very rare.    The Fiji earthquake yesterday was one of 3 in a

So here is my data dump.   The point of most of the charts is fleshing out the difference between a fult line, and what I coined as a fault field.    The big deep quake hit in a fault field.  

I think a great advance in knowledge can come from investigating said fault fields.

Enjoy, please comment.

Submitted by a reader, this is kind of intersting....a private live feed of Cali seismograph. 


  1. The Big Wobble .... "7.2 quake reduced by USGS to a 6.9 strikes Indonesia the 5th major quake today"

    and I see Majia's blog has an EQ headline ....
    so much news, I cannot keep up. I am following Ned. NPP ....


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