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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Airplane Safety -- Toxic Air, Increased Radiation at Altitude, and Failed Seals Via Wigner Effect

Submitted via Lot's Wife --- Big Mahalo!


CBS San Francisco: 
Study: ‘Toxic Air Events’ Happening On More Flights Than FAA Reports

Finally, this issue is getting a little traction. If you dig into it, you will discover fume events are more pervasive and dangerous than this report reveals.

From 2017: ( a general aviation incident map)

Why are reports increasing? Greater passenger awareness; pilot unions know members have lost careers when their central nervous system collapsed; cost avoidance in maintenance…and a largely-unknown feature of nuclear radiation also appears to play a role. The Wigner Effect describes a process of molecular disintegration when material (metal, wiring, seals, in the case of airplanes) is exposed to nuclear radiation. As a consequence of 70 years of nuclear material release to the atmosphere, airline crews and passengers are exposed to layers of radiation that remain in its upper levels. Material failure is a feature of the exposure. (Not to mention radiation’s effects to health.)

As noted in the CBS report, Alaska Airlines is actively trying to hide fume events from its customers. Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

Interview of Moret by Christina Consolo, RadChick -- Winger Effect et al.



  1. Leuren Moret has lots on the Wigner Effect (radiation effect on metal, threat to aviation) -
    Fear of Flying

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    1. I get a lot material from Lot's Wife who lives up in Alaska.


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