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Friday, September 21, 2018

Body Language -- Expert Review Of Veracity of HRC and BHO -- Mandy the Body Language Ghost

She has about 65 Videos that expertly review the characters in the Kabuki theater that is the power structure of the USA.

Bitter Old Man and his family use a funeral for a political hit job. Mandy uses the occasion to identify the traitors

This is awesome, Mandy Bombard has a good website that she can run her videos on.   This is so much better than relying on "social media".   She uses YouTube also.

Bolton is very comfortable with the McCain crowd.

Kelley is very much "I see you" as Huma Abedin and  Grahmn hug

And Mattis covertly watch the "in crowd"
From the McCain shitshow funeral....Mattis and Kelly signal

CNN I can't believe I am running a CNN video, Kavanaugh

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