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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"Calm" Earthquake Time is Over, 6.7 Pounds Hokkaido Japan, Hawaii's Mauna Kea is Hit, Alaska Hit

Do Hurricanes and low pressure help trigger Earthquakes?   Especially in the presence of water Dams?    It sure looks like it in Hokkaido.   Note that earthquakes on land are very rare in Hokkaido.   They are more common off the east coast in the Ocean. 

2.5 on Mauna Kea 090518 Relatively deep at 53km

Today's EQ on Mauna Kea, was originally listed at 53kM deep, which would have made it the deepest earthquake in the last 100 years.    But without comment or annotation, it was modified to be 11 kM

3 EQ on Mauna Kea in the last month, reflecting a 1800% increase over 100 year average.

About 15 EQ per year over 5.0 at this Triple Junction off South America. But 6 just in the last 3 days

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