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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Cat 4 Hurricanes Threatens 12 Nuclear Plants -- And They Running All Fukushima Style Nuclear Plants at Full or Near Full

NRC Reactor Status Report at 12:04 CST September 13, 2018, Just Hours Before Hurricane Florence

Slams The Carolinas and Virginia

A few fellow Citizen Journalists have picked up on this theme and exposed poor flood protection performance including mandatory flood protection measures not yet implemented.

And they run at 100%.    Shareholder profits are everything, and an abundance of caution was never seen.  

Good site with Web cams and live radar!

------------------------------------------------------------ Flyingcuttlefish reports on affecting floodplains

And Mining Awareness addresses floodplains and design basis.

Lets focus on Brunswick Nuclear Plant

Below is the Design Basis.   No telling if they are actually built to "take it", but this is what they are supposed to design to.   It looks OK, at least as far as the Brunswick plant shut not flood out itself.  But this misses the real point.   The loss of offsite power is likely.   This will cause an emergency switchover to many backup systems, and if things don't all go perfectly, it's called station blackout.

A station blackout, is a pretty much sure thing nuclear explosion/eruption or meltout, or both. 

It is criminal to take this type of risk.  
Forecasters predicted storm surges up to 13ft (4 meters) in parts of coastal North Carolina, and the storm could dump 20 to 30in (50-76cm) of rain in the hardest hit areas – and even up to 40in in isolated spots.

But at the Plant's Facebook Page they were told to "Ride it Out" and many members and relatives were "Praying".    Why not just shut this old clunker down!

A comment on the page --  
Jon Smith We’re 23’ above sea level here with an abundance of drainage systems throughout the plant. Not to mention tons of dewatering equipment. May have some water accumulation but nothing we can’t handle.


  1. Brunswick just went to 0% power in both reactors -

    no power in the county ....

    1. Nice site. I'll update with a new article, however, it appears that they strategically shut this plant down, prior to the area wide outage. Quick glance shows ALL other at risk nuclear plants still blasting away at 100%. One article stated a rule that nuclear plants had to shut down if winds about 74MPH were expected at the site. I don't remember ever seeing that "rule".


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