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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Chronology of the Fukushima Disaster - And Similar Strike Today -- Energy Weapon Debunked

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A swarm of 64 large EQ was setoff in pretty continuous fashion after the 7.3.    This precludes and debunks the "theory" that the 9.1 was caused by a nuclear bomb intentionally placed, or by some "energy weapon".    Of course one could postulate that they only needed one smallish but deep EQ to setoff the whole chain of events.

If the eggheads who are our so called Earthquake experts could even think their way out of a wet paper bag, I might believe it.   But they have been grant whores for so long, they have lost their intuition and can't come close to what citizen science does for "free" or for YouTube hits.

So no go on that whole theory.

Please review each graphic.   I will try to flesh thing out with more narrative, but need to get some late season sailing in, stock out


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