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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Clintons Tweet Storm -- Panic After Declassification

Clinton's Tweet storm today.    Projection.

Look at the comments, not a single comment is supportive of Clinton.

The whole thread is negative, except------------for a few trolls spouting a single word "bot"

NOTE I TRIED AGAIN TODAY AND EMBED TWEET SEEMS TO work. Sorry the copy from twitter seemed to work, but did not.   Also tried to embed the initial tweet after that, and that failed too.   I don't trust Twitter to keep important stuff around at some point, but my attempt to document did not work. 


  1. replies to her tweet are precious!
    She's so clueless about IT things she has no idea people are beating her up on her own twitter account!
    What an self-aggrandizing woman!

  2. a great rebuttle to her stupid tweet --

    .... I am putting it on my blog decicated to Clinton Foundation corruption ...

  3. ohhhh ... she's still tweeting (!)

    How many days before DNC tries to get her to SHUT UP because she is hurting their disorganized mid-term campaigns?
    Her tweets just fire up Trump supporters and galvanize #walkaway movement.


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