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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hurricane Florence Could Cause Emergency At Any of 12 Nuclear Reactors In It's Path.

NRC Rep Roger Hannah has reportedly stated that within 12 hours of Hurricane landing that the reactors will be shut down. 

Fat chance of that, they have millions on the line.   They sure didn't do that in Texas


 Contact: Roger Hannah, 404-997-4417 Joey Ledford, 404-997-4416


 Brunswick 1       938      NC    Duke
 Brunswick 2       932      NC    Duke
 Catawba 1        1160      NC    Duke
 Catawba 2        1150      NC    Duke
 McGuire 1        1158      NC    Duke
 McGuire 2        1158      NC    Duke
 Harris            932      NC    Duke
 Oconee 1          847      SC    Duke
 Oconee 2          848      SC    Duke
 Oconee 3          859      SC    Duke
 Robinson 2        741      SC    Duke
 Summer            971      SC    Scana
 North Anna 1      948      VA    Dominion
 North Anna 2      944      VA    Dominion
 Surry 1           838      VA    Dominion
 Surry 2           838      VA    Dominion

 Comment: Calvin Cheney on September 9, 2018 at 12:37 pm Reply

I am a former Combat Engineer & Intelligence Analyst that has been paying attention to open source data available over the internet for 19 years. At this juncture a grid down event, the loss of non backed up electronic data & potentially the melt down of several nuclear power plants would result from an EMP, false flag scenario to thwart the prosecution of those identified in this research. The President’s proclamation regarding preparedness is very telling in light of what must unfold prior to the midterm elections to preserve advancement in the identification & removal of the deep state.

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