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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Kavanaugh Issue -- Further Getting the Deep State to Expose Itself, Strzok Involved

Dems on Twitter are claiming that "Republicans are pulling out all the stops....."

Are you freaking kidding me?   My what a tangled web they weave.

1)With multiple spurious accusations from the Dems,

2) McCabes lawyer, Bromwich, getting involved "for free".

3) Peter Strzoks sister-in-law works with Chrissy Ford's brother,

4) And Ford's first lawyer Debra Katz is in secret meetings with Hillary Clinton.

And here is a good debunk of the "letter"

Here is some early Q stuff, interesting to go back and see how much was really predictive.


  1. Brett Kavanaugh participated in the cover-up of the murder of Vincent Foster. (Check out essays by DC Dave [David Martin]). The ACLU, no real friend on anyone interested in real freedom from tyranny, nonetheless posted a series of awful decisions by "Judge Kavanaugh". A perfect Orwellian addition to the SCOTUS. You are being played, man.

    1. I agree with K
      he wrote an amicus brief that calls into question whether he would support affirmative action.

      This seems extremely smart-no globalism
      an unwillingness to enforce
      international law absent express incorporation by the political branches,

      and this
      Judge Kavanaugh believes that the president has inherent authority to hold
      prisoners in wartime without congressional authorization and without the need to
      abide by international law

      He dismissed this one, saying a simple question, is not defamation

      asser Abbas, the son of the
      resident of the Palestinian Authority, alleged that a Foreign Policy Group article
      defamed him by questioning whether he benefited from government corruption.

      I could go on for another 25 minutes, but pretty much I am agreeing with him, and ACLU seems to be spinning to support globalists and terrorists/ people from terrorist regions.

      What say with some specific counter examples?


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