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Friday, September 21, 2018

Large Volcano Mauna Kea Caldera Hit With EQ's, Yellow Stone Dead Geysers Now Erupting

I check the Hawaii EQ activity usually a few times a day.    I have been seeing hits on both Mauna

Kea AND Mauna Loa.   Then I return in a few hours, and the EQ have been eliminated by the USGS.

That is pretty amazing.   I know Dutchsinse has documented EQ being minimized or even eliminated or never showing up in the record.

And for months...Yellowstone has been acting up, this week a sleepy Geyser, that hasn't erupted since 1957, Erupted.    See video. Interesting this is the same year of an Aluetian EQ which threw a Tsunami at Hawaii.

Ear Spring is one of the hottest pools on Geyser Hill, containing permanently seething water at or even above boiling point. The ear-shaped pool is enclosed by a slightly raised sinter rim, and the clear water constantly overflows, running southwards along colorful channels lined by orange cyanobacteria. The pool has been known to erupt to a height of 2 feet, but only one or two times each decade.

From September 2014 to March 2018, Steamboat Geyser was completely dormant.
But now it has suddenly sprung to life and has erupted a total of 19 times since March 15th.

Why is science so decrepit, even though there is so much science out there?
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