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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Large Deep Earthquake in Fiji 7.8, Verifies The Calm EQ Period Is Over, And We Are Back to Unprecendented

Yesterday, my article explained that the Calm Earthquake Time Is Over.

And What an Accurate Prediction

Large Deep Earthquakes are rare, LDE.

Today an LDE hit Fiji.

All the blue links below will take you to articles where I covered these events.    Check it out. 

My first thought is that California or that Slip structure off Oregon could be at big risk at this time.   Based on what you ask?   Mostly INTUITION, but also based on the extreme events of this year, and the "Quiet Sun".

1) Hawaii Volcano (Kilauea)
2) EQ right on the old Caldera for Moana Loa (Kileaua is on the far flank of Moana Loa).   Incidentally Moana Loa is the "largest" volcano on the planet, at least height wise.    I have not deep dived on the Yellowstone "volcano" but that seems more like a magma chamber to me.
3) EQ surrounding Moana Kea
4) Super rare large deep earthquakes.
5) Largest EQ ever on the North Slope of Alaska
6) Huge Earthquake on Indonesia Take the Pressure off Hawaii WITHIN HOURS!
7) Largest Earthquake Ever In Venezuela 
8) Large 6.2 Hits Oregon's Underwater "Blanco Slip Plate" 
9) Large EQs in the Hilina Slump, Possible 1000' Tsunami Hawaii, Hitting Cali at 150'
10) On June 14th, the USGS was told in no uncertain terms, to downplay the risk with the Volcanic Eruptions and especially the danger of the Hilina Slump 1000' Tsunami.
11) 6.9 in Indonesia at the Infamous Rinjani Volcano.    The last big Eruption was in 1257 AD which blow out sailors ear drums 40 miles away.     It also happened at the beginning of Quiet Sun.   Quiet Sun started the Volcano, and then together with atmospheric reflection AND Quiet Sun nucleation of clouds led us into regime changing Little Ice Age.

Today's EQ in graphic above, is a LDE, which are rare per this article, 3 in 100 years.

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