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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

"Q" Credibility Increases, As NWO Funded "Media" Attacks Q, Create Fake Q "Voice Interview"

The Establishment hates the Q meme.

The Establishment hates the idea that people are waking up.

Video below is supposedly the "expose" that out's Q, they pretend to interview a founder of Q.

Then supposedly a "defector" from Q writes, Q is cancer and dangerous!

Q then responds today, trolling the shit out of the Establishment....then why am I still posting?

Even the Kabuki theater with Facebook and Twitter being questioned by a few members of Congress....hilarious.    Kabuki intended to pacify the masses that "they are on it" we are beating up the social media Titans.   LOL the biggest intelligence tool ever created.   


And here Alex Jones verbally attacking Rubio, Rubio states, "I don't even know who you are"


  1. Remember you approached me about AI? Here is part of a conversation response with one of the associated QAnons at 8chan concerning their business model for a project I've been working on. "A better economic model for this board would be a monastery - Christian /Buddist/Tibetean etc. Little or no real contact with the outside world. Intense focus on individually-chosen issues; learning and enlightenment - socially cutoff from the rest of society and sufficing on the alms of others, No product to sell, so the $1 would be a charitable donation?

    Since this isn't a job and no one gets paid, I presume this is purely recreational for most, mildly educational for others, a source of enlightenment by the many esoteric gurus and geniuses ready and willing to impart their wisdom achieved by intuition and spiritual energy."

    Note: Buddhist and Tibetan are spelled wrong - AI sucks at spelling in some cases along with grammar errors as I do but humans use a spell checker and Grammarly. Advanced AI is Tyler (somewhat kind AI) spawned from Q, kinda like the authors at Zero Hedge, they are all Tyler's. Not humanly possible to write and post 50 articles in one day and run 24/7.

    Now the reason for my visit, an interview with Elon Musk with Joe Rogan which makes the atmosphere comfortable for Elon. His best views on AI.

    Stay Frosty


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