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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Research Resources -- And An Upcoming Directional Turn To Being a "Real" News Organization

stock here --

I signed up for PACER (criminal records stuff, related to the so called 40,000 sealed indictments) and wanted to be listed as an organization, a news organization.

Also commented on some NRC documents on high burn up, as a News Organization.

A lot can be found "open source" but how often have I wanted to pick up the phone and call an organization, person, college and ask some relevant questions that are not readily open sourced, or that have just never been asked.  

I'll cover similar topics as I have covered at Nukepro, which has expanded beyond just Fukushima and Radiation, there is less and less breaking news, and less interest.

Any thoughts or ideas?
I may start an LLC structure for the news entity.

It will likely be a little more polished than some of my rants at Nukepro

Dive Deeper Data (DDD)
Open Window Research


This is copied from a Q forum


Awesome Research Tools, Resources & Cheat Sheets
Research tool that you can use to identify Senior Executive Services members.
Clinton Circle
This is a handy research tool! It helps people visualize and understand the networks they weave through email interactions.
The National Archives Catalog
Legal News - Press Releases

Link to every newspaper in the US, by State & City, local news in real time


Search companies or directors,cw_391,2015
EDGAR corporate database
Directory of Corporate Affiliations - most complete data on corporate family trees (parent/subsidiary)
Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B)
IRS Exempt Organization Select Check - non-profits search
FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION - Information for donors about charities
Legal Entity Identifier system
OFFSHORE LEAKS DATABASE - Tax haven secrecy revealed
Little Sis - Incredible amount of information on people and their connections to each other, all open source & free.
Campaign donations

By State


A great website full of Infographs - Shows bad actor connections...

Learn to read the map.

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