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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Swetnick -- An Unusual Story -- A Scrubbed Past -- And A Professsional Picture I Analyze Here

See below, she was sued for defamation before 

And sued by a man for domestic violence


I am a professional photographer, see these reflections, to the right and slightly  up?   We call those "catch lights" and they are desired in pictures.  Notice the lack of shadows even though stage lighting high and right was used?   They also used a wide diffuse front lighting.   Point  is, this was a professionally posed picture.   It shows up no where else in the world on a reverse image post, like if she had is taken for say a Facebook or Linkedin account.  Note also the "couch" attempting to make this look like a picture just taken at someones house, and not a professionally staged picture. 

And here is another NON-staged photo from today.....

And THAT was the best fucking Swetnick story you and Illuminati could come up with!   I don't even believe that shit!!

From this source

Swetnick, 55, has since 2009 been registered as the owner of the company International Building Solutions in Bethesda, Maryland, according to public records.

A 2007 report in a New Jersey newspaper, in which she was quoted as a member of the public preparing for that year’s Super Bowl, said she then worked for New York Life, the insurance company.

Swetnick registered as a nonaffiliated voter in Washington DC in 2014 and voted in the 2016 general election.Court filings in the capital say that she was chased by the IRS for about $40,000 outstanding federal taxes in October last year, but had paid the debt by March this year.


Another law suit, lacking in details.   Just saying she is the suing type.

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