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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Latest Kavanaugh Allegation -- Avenatti -- Swetnick

The Kabuki Theater is getting more incredible.  

As patriots are in control of many factions of the government now, and many bad elements have been removed, there is a good amount of hope.

Let's make this quick.    I have just one question at the onset.

Swetnick supposedly was at multiple parties in which she saw girls get totally wasted, and then taken to a bedroom and gang raped, with additional boys standing outside a bedroom door, that was apparently within sight of the general party area.     She knew these girls were getting gang raped.

And yet she continued to go to these parties.

Seriously?   So that is my question.

Then of course, in the second year 1982 she was gang raped herself, not because she allowed herself to get stinking drunk, but because someone slipped her a mickey.

She looks quite pretty in the circulated picture, with a huge smile.    Looks pretty normal and well adjusted for someone subject to such horrible sexual attack.

Looks like a smart girl.

This will not turn out well for the left.

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