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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Article 5 -- A Panacea to Fix The Federal Government -- Or A Hunting License for Orwelllian Abuse

stock here -- per the article below, they are convinced "this is the way".   Whenever I hear anyone so
cock sure of themselves, the spidey sense immediately goes off.   Several options:

1) They are amazingly benefited by unusual knowledge and intelligence and have researched and come up with a great utilitarian solution.
2) They have some knowledge, and it fits the narrative inside their head on how to do things.   So they ignore all ramifications and possible outcomes.
3) They are an unpaid, or paid operative of forces that have a specific goal in mind.   And it's very likely that the goal is not to your benefit.

In this current bout of corruption and evil intent at the highest levels, AND lack of prosecution of existing laws that are clearly broken, it is very unrealistic to think that additional "laws", aka amendments to the Constitution will have any positive effect. 

However unlikely, an open round of anything goes, changes to the Constitution, could come up with any number of horrific possibilities.   Keep in mind, the establishment, rather than lose it's power, was willing to take the risk of a nuclear war, in order to "get Trump".     A 75% vote of all State Legislatures is required to pass.    

But it's a wild card, a risk we don't have to take at this time.   

That said, if a few more states signed up, it could be a good negotiating tactic to let the Feds know "We Are NOT Screwing Around This Time!"

All bureaucracies seek to empower themselves to the greatest extent to which it is possible.  The broader and deeper the power of the federal government grows the more the Liberties of the States and individuals are diminished. The Constitution's purpose is as stated "to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".  Therefore any action by the federal state that impinges upon anyone's liberties is antithetical to its raison d'etre. 

Over time all three branches of the federal state have through tortured or cynical interpretations of the Constitutional provisions, outright scorning specific prohibitions of powers to the federal government, or just plain violating explicit operational rules, deviated from the design and intent of the Constitution.

That the federal entity might become tyrannical was not unrecognized by the Founders.  Therefore they included in the "supreme law of the land" i.e. the Constitution, a method by which the States could bring a wayward federal government to heel to restore and further ensure lost liberties through the amendment process.  And in recognition that the federal apparatus would never suggest or pass an amendment that disciplined itself the Founders included in Article 5 a method to do this that completely excludes all elements of the federal government through a Convention of States. In 2004 a movement was started to for the first time in our history to call a COS that today has been already passed by 12 of the 34 States needed to convene the COS.

This is the way. This is the method our Founders gave us to make corrective measures to the federal  government that could never be expected to come through the ballot box or from the federal state itself.

If bemoaning and complaining were useful by themselves the relevant issues would have been corrected long ago.  Really want to do something effective?  Go to sign the petition, get actively involved and reclaim the heritage, the promise we were meant to inherit and pass on to posterity.  For introductory reading I recommend The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin

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