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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

ENENEWS Website is Suspended As Of This Morning

I wonder if anyone had archived it lately?   If so contact me.

ENE was apparently purchased by the nuke cartel a few years back, but not destroyed....instead they had an interesting policy.

1) Make the site "clunky", make it inconsistent to connect to, and hard to comment
2) Install a few AI with human guidance trolls to wallpaper and just basically disgust everyone.

We will see if it comes back up.


  1. I put a few archived items here -

    and many old pages can be found on the Way Back Machine -

    or at

    I saved what I could find on Bucky Balls here -

  2. I have some stuff archived, I once linked zipped file with the disappeared OT thread. But then again, I don't like you, since you kept on talking crap about me.

  3. I posted several times and they don't show up. Plowboy


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