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Sunday, October 28, 2018

GAB is Shutdown, VOAT is a Likely Target (Trolls Are Posting Semi-Child Porn)

The Globalists are dangerous, like a dying bronto.

They are pulling out all the stops, as expected.    It is important "we" stay in communications and keep the spotlight on their deeds.    They will be the most exposed in their desperate efforts, and our likelihood of striking a serious lasting blow is increased.

But they are still powerful, they control almost all the media and social media.   Apparently they control web hosting platforms too....this has never been publicized, but it makes total sense.


here is another site that is being taken down.    I am not familiar with it, but it appears to be a christian religious orientated site that exposes Convicted Sex Abusers.


If Voat drops, I will see you anons on the chans as I flail around like a retard figuring out how to use it.

Any helpful guides to 8ch would be handy right now.

I have been saving this for this moment.


Gab Booted By Hosting Company After Synagogue Shooting; Chief Tech Officer Steps Down

Update3: Gab has given an interview to NPR regarding the situation:



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