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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pizzagate Resources -- Many Videos

stock here -- I have wanted to dig into this more, spent a few dozen hours in the last years.    It was clear that pedophilia is a popular thing among the powerful and rich.

Why is this  important?

1) It is cruel and it potentially damages people for life
2) If we can expose it fully and clearly, people who have been brainwashed into co-opted liberal meme's, that exposing their leaders as pedophiles, would actually be enough to get people to change their minds, when nothing else is likely to get them to change their minds.   No matter how clear the evidence, the cause and effect.

This is from a writer on VOAT

I uploaded them to my Pizzagate/Great Awakening redpill YouTube channel. The first movie is Traffik which came out this year. In the movie a reporter gets kidnapped and traffiked. She sees both adults and children being sold. The police in the movie are in on the ring and a cop is one of the main antagonists trying to kill her and cover it up. When she escapes she tells her boss that the elite of the world are all in on this global Human Traffiking ring. He tells her they will publish it but she will become a target.

The other one is called Eden. Eden is based on real story and was made into a movie. They tried to call her story fake and say she made the whole thing up and it was bullshit. I don't believe so. The movie full on shows Monarch programming in this scene.
"Monarch programming. They give the children animals who bond with them to help cope with the horror. If you step out of line, fight back, make them unhappy or they want to just break you they ether kill the animal or make you do it. They make you kill the only thing you are latching onto just to break your mind."
The main antagonist in this movie is on a police Anti-Human trafficking Task Force. He uses his job to traffic children.
Never believe their lies when they tell us Pizzagate or the Great Awakening are fake. We are fighting the sickest people in the world. An elite death cult with generations of money and influence. Q said they are all in the same sick club. Soon the house of cards will fall. Monarch programming, Beta sex slaves, MKUltra, Freemasonary, all of it will come out. It's what Q meant when he said that the information that will come out has the potential to put many people in the mental hospital. It will be just so sick and sad for the whole world to realize how they have lied to us and done such unforgivable evil for so long.
Here are two movie scenes which inspire me. Everyone is so quick to attack the normies. The sleeping masses, the brain washed and not yet awoken. It is wrong. That is our fellow man. Our brothers and sisters. Our species. We need to wake the world up. We all need to come together to stop this.
The Matrix
This scene to. It's from one of my favorite games as a kid called Indigo Prophecy. Just the first minute. It's how I felt when I first woke up to this nightmare.

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