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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Sedition by the Tech Oligarchs and Propaganda Media

stock here -- I'll give  it some thought, but I don't see an "easy" answer to the Globalist owned media that blatantly and consistently work against the interests of the USA.   Seems like shutting them down would get close to martial law.   Maybe arrest a few of the worst offenders, like Acosta

Or set a trap for them, a trap with the results so clear that prosecution even under civil court, much less military tribunal, is assured.   Start the trap with some created news, and let them run with it, spin it, expand it.   Something like that.

From Health Ranger (click here for the story)

Since President Trump won the election in 2016, there has been a concerted, highly organized and well-funded effort to overrule the American people and remove Trump from office by any means necessary. This effort has been pursued via:
  • Systematic banning of prominent pro-Trump voices by the tech giants (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc.), which effectively prevents the American people from engaging in public debate and dialog about important election issues.
  • 92% anti-Trump news coverage by the so-called “media” which actually exists solely as the propaganda wing of the DNC.
  • Continued massive voter fraud that allows illegal foreign nationals to vote in U.S. elections and out-vote real American citizens. (We need national voter ID laws.)
  • Deep state leaks, lies and propaganda collusion with the fake news media to try to discredit the Trump administration, no matter how many laws have to be broken in the process.
These acts represent nothing less than massive, coordinated election meddling and election fraud, which is a felony crime under U.S. federal statutes. 


Shad Olson has an interesting website that I put on my blog roll.

Caravan Solution: Let Migrants Earn Asylum, Build the Southern Border Wall or Go Home

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