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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kabuki Theater -- Meme ID'd, Journalists Are Under Attack and Even Being Dismembered While Alive

 LOL I can name that meme, before it is even a meme!

2 days after this was written I saw a "news story" on CNN purportedly showing all all the murdered journalists throughout the world.    Indeed, as legal action from the Justice Department becomes necessary to mitigate the fake news networks seditious efforts to harm the USA, they are playing the classic "victim card".    I guess the primary owners of media are very familiar with playing the victim card, iffen you know what I mean......

And a new furthering of the claiming that Trump has aspiration to murder Journalists.
“The institutional conservative movement supports Trump in his aspiration to murder journalists for the same reason they are lying about preexisting conditions — they are aware their actual agenda does not withstand public scrutiny,” asserted Yglesias.

stock here, how many Deep Staters "outed" themselves, exposed themselves in the recent Kavanaugh Komedy Kabuki theater?

Some continue their childish "psyop", not realizing that their cover has been blown.   Or not caring.

Brennan was cast into the operative meme with his near crazy assaults on Trump.


The "guy" I don't even have his name remembered who disappeared in SA, [Khashoggi] was NOT a journalist for the Washington Post.   He was mostly a Muslim activist, who did a few articles for the Washington Post.    He WAS NOT, above all else, a journalist that was killed to silence the truth.

Now the Kabuki continues....a member of the 15 man hit squad.....seriously, the leftist narrative is that "numbers matter", number of allegations, numbers of hit squad members.   I mean shit, searching and capturing Bin Laden was done with less than 15.   Sheesh!

Here you go:

But when Brennan jumps in big, we know their is a narrative in the works....

Below from ZH, my comments in red.

On Khashoggi’s disappearance, Brennan had this to say:

“It appears increasingly likely that Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was detained and killed at Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul. There is still much that we don’t know, but if such an audacious act was carried out, it almost certainly would have required the approval of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Khashoggi was a particular irritant to the crown prince.

Khashoggi was widely known and respected inside and outside the kingdom for his literary talent, political acumen and principled opposition to Mohammed’s increasing authoritarianism and arrogance. The news reports and Turkish government accounts of Khashoggi’s disappearance from the Saudi Consulate, and the contemporaneous arrival of two planeloads of Saudis, have the hallmarks of a professional capture operation or, more ominously, an assassination.

stock in red: LOL as if 2 planeloads of anyone were needed to assassinate someone within a building that they willingly walked into. 

As someone who worked closely with the Saudis for many years, and who lived and worked as a U.S. official for five years in Saudi Arabia, I am certain that if such an operation occurred inside a Saudi diplomatic mission against a high-profile journalist working for a U.S. newspaper, it would have needed the direct authorization of Saudi Arabia’s top leadership — the crown prince.

I am confident that U.S. intelligence agencies have the capability to determine, with a high degree of certainty, what happened to Khashoggi. If he is found to be dead at the hands of the Saudi government, his demise cannot go unanswered — by the Trump administration, by Congress or by the world community.

So, the Deep State, wants to create friction between USA or at least Trump crew, and SA.    Hmmmmm.    That requires some meditation and observation. 

Ideally, King Salman would take immediate action against those responsible, but if he doesn’t have the will or the ability, the United States would have to act. That would include immediate sanctions on all Saudis involved; a freeze on U.S. military sales to Saudi Arabia; suspension of all routine intelligence cooperation with Saudi security services; and a U.S.-sponsored U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the murder. if they murdered a Muslim Activist, in their home country, why would we do any more than slightly raised eyebrows?    He is being portrayed as a Washington Post Journalist, keep that in mind.   The narrative.

The message would be clear: The United States will never turn a blind eye to such inhuman behavior, even when carried out by friends, because this is a nation that remains faithful to its values.”

I have no words for the above, no words. 

Really, Mr. Brennan? Never turn a blind eye? You turned two blind eyes to the Saudis for nearly 20 years as you defended them and kept the truth of their misdeeds shrouded in secrecy from the 9/11 families, the Embassy Bombing families, the Khobar Tower families, and the USS Cole families. Cover up is complicity and you have been complicit for 20 years! And now you are worried about inhumane behavior? Now, you are interested in the United States taking immediate action and imposing sanctions?


Reportedly murdered journalist appears alive

A Russian journalist and Kremlin critic, reported to have been shot dead in Ukraine, has appeared alive at a news conference.


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    1. Nice link as always! I subscribed and added it into the article. I like his thought process and the deep dive, linking Prince Alwaleed to large ownership in Twitter
      Supposedly he also paid for Obama's Harvard bills.


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