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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Cali Wildfire at Rocketdyne Radiation Release Going "Mainstream"

stock here -- although I like to see these usually covered up risks being exposed, it is unfortunate that writers, and commentors haven't educated themselves enough to ask the right questions, to explain the real risks, the chemicals/rads, and impacts.

One  commentor asks "got Iodine".    It's plain wrong and a false sense of security.   People think that "Iodine" is some magic radiation protection, when it fact it only protects against one type of radiation I-131 (and to a lesser extent I-129 in much smaller quantities, but with a long half life).   I-131 has a half life of 8 days which start when the reaction or the accident ends.    So in 80 days, it is pretty much all gone (2 to the 10th power).   Iodine is no longer an issue from the 1960's much less than from even a year ago.  

See the smoke movement video.   Normally winds are west to east, but during this fire they were east to west, taking the smoke and radiation over the Pacific Ocean, as if the Pacific needed another dose of radiation.

Also good to see that many commentors are still familiar with what Fukushima did, which was covered up by the Obama administration, and Clinton, working in conjunction with Kissinger.

The "Directed Energy Weapon" meme does appear to have some basis in possibility.


SoCal Fire May Have Ejected "Incredibly Dangerous" Radioactive Particles Into The Atmosphere

The 95,000 acre Woolsey fire which has coated Southern California with an apocalyptic orange glow may have released a toxic stew of radioactive particles and toxic chemicals into the air, after scorching the land on closed-down government weapons testing facility in Simi Hills known to be heavily contaminated from decades of experiments.
Commencing operation in 1947 for Rockwell's Rocketdyne Division, a government contractor for the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), the Santa Susana Field Lab (SSFL) has a checkered safety record, to put it lightly. In addition to several nuclear accidents - including the worst nuclear meltdown in US history, toxic materials have accumulated on-site from years of dumping, just miles from thousands of residents.


While the communist insurrection continues, La Raza rants about atzlan and the globalist agenda of reconquista that goes on and on unabated, the vote scam is on like donkey kong and no one or nothing is going to stop the communist take over of America. You can make a sure bet this slow killing radiation that is ever growing in amounts and at a faster killing pace will stop everyone, and everything eventually...prolly sooner than later.

There are reports from utah, colorado, new mexica, arizona all indicating higher levels of radiation incoming from the fires on the west coast, as well as the ever increasing amounts from the fuckushima ELE. All the retards that moved to those places, especially colorado, have not known that is one of the most radioactive states in the country. There they grow the massive amounts of marijuana for CBD concentrates, but have no idea that the CBD oils made from the outdoor marijuana cannabis plants are highly irradiated from the fallout that not only is constantly never endingly coming from fuckushima in the jet streams every day, but now also from the fires that burn anywhere west of them. Talk about stupid. Who can't wait for those who figure out that there is profits in suing CDB oil makers for cancers caused by the CBD oil that is supposed to abate cancer. Lol...stupid is so blatant, it is criminal at most times.
But lets get back to the present situation.

The nasty rottenchid gew zionists that caused fuckushima with the stuxnet virus, are giddy that they have succeeded in the rottenchids agenda of dumbing down, and slowly killing ALL AMERICANS AND ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS eventually after they all make a good go of killing each other. Those satanic/luciferic areshole rottenchild puppet zionist pukes are masters of pitting people against each other so they can profit from the deaths and destruction they cause. You have two world woars they did on the world as proof and now, the USA is being set up to fall to the communist surprise attacks that are coming. There will be so much chaos and anarchy, the dying breeds suffering long term radiation poisoning will not even care. Zombification comes from long term brain exposure to radiation.

 "Recent studies have proven that the brain is, indeed, sensitive to irradiation. Cranial radiation therapy impacts a wide array of brain functions, causing cognitive decline, memory deficits, fatigue, and brain tumors in exposed individuals."

So, as it appears, a lot of the reports and information about how the brain is effected by low dose radiation has been scrubbed from the net after Fukushima.

Place it here if you find it. There is still significant evidence to the truth that yes, low dose radiation is causing brain defects that can cause women and people to be more crazy and disfunctional than normal. As time goes on, the real effects will be seen in the obviousness of the insanity taking place, more and more.

May God have mercy on the ignorant that shat in their own bowl of oatmeal. Slow death of all world civilizations is on the horizon. Will it be by the hand of Nature, or by the hand of man/woman?
Hummm...if only mankind was smarter than the monkey.


  1. California Fires – counteract the unavoidable radiation (from the contaminated Rocketdyne site) – by Leuren Moret

    some first aid to help people who get exposed ....

  2. Lol Santa Susanna had negligible health risk. Antinukes shouldnt make up negative crap when its been documented to the contrary.

  3. Hi all, there is NOTHING natural about these fires ... now occurring all over the world. A thinking person, after weighing the evidence, esp. in light of our being commoditized and considered, "economic activity," cannot help but come to the conclusion we're under attack. We are likely being attacked by weapons used in covert programs.

    The UN agendas go on and on. Agenda 21, 2030, Wildlands Project, Biodiversity treaties, America 2050. It just goes on and on.

    It's pretty spooky out here in Cali. Here's another good video made on the ground by a Paradise resident. He did a good job documenting the damage up there. (It's almost utter devastation.) There are tens of thousands of people made homeless staying in MOTELS and shelters all over No. California. People are sleeping in tents in parks all over Butte County. Feel like we're being burned out here. Intentionally.

    Check this out:

    Yes, A Plane Truth does a pretty good job documenting all this, too. IMHO....

    We are collectively suffering from some degree of PTSD from these events in California. We have friends who just got back from Florida. They told us the devastation from the hurricane which went through Mexico Beach and western Floria was really bad, too.

    You'll never convince me this is all due to man-made global warming (from cars and sources of CO2 alone).

    NOTHING about these weather events is normal. You also cannot convince me the CA fires are due to protracted drought. I call BS on that!

    Used to go to that K-Mart for decades in Santa Rosa, CA. There was little vegetation near there. It just should NOT have burned that way. Yes, the fact that all those fires started at once ALL OVER THE MAYACAMAS MOUNTAIN RANGE (north-to-south area roughly 40 miles long) is just NOT POSSIBLE under "natural" or "normal" circumstances. No freakin' way!

    We watched the cyclonic, hurricanic winds here in the San Joaquin Valley, for about two hours prior to the breakout of the Carr Fire in Redding, too. Very, very erratic wind behavior. Nothing in the forecast about it. Just freakish and completely abnormal. I watched the tops of trees bobbling around like there were cyclones breaking out all over the area. The wind changed directions every few minutes. You could watch the wind blowing in one direction in swaths - and then in the opposite direction, several yards north or south of a certain point. Just freakish. With the tops of the trees spinning around.

    Not only did K-Mart burn to ashes, so did two major (large) hotels in the Fountain Grove area. It seems COMPLETELY improbable that the hotels and the K-Mart would burn down to virtually nothing (heaps of ashes with maybe a couple of metal beams left) in a really short time.

    "Chilling." Yes. Incinerated, not burned. Yes.

    Be well.

    1. yes, it was weird. I thought it could have been a meterite barrage, but the style of burning, with trees standing between rows of houses all burned to the baseplates....well, it was very odd.

      I wouldn't put it past the Globablists that be to play a part in this all, esp in California, where they are more likely to get support for massive wealth transfer of the Global Warming, and or climate change lies.

  4. Thanks for publishing the information on the Rocketdyne site burning. It was all over MSM news. Didn't follow the story long enough to see if any "contamination" was "found." Was expecting the usual nuke-puke style denials. Or some kind of statement like, "radiation was found, but in amount so small they do not pose any danger to human health." Am I right on that? Pretty predictable response....

    1. Yes, the nuke puke response was exactly that, but they threw in the weasel words "no immediate harm".
      I was too busy to do any testing in Wisconsin, but I sure dosed up on all the usual suspects to avoid uptake and cleaned and ran all my HEPA filters.

      stock out


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