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Monday, November 12, 2018

Cali Wildfires Caused By Negligent Utility Maintenance? If Corporations are "People" Can They Be Hung?

The insanity continues. You thought we might get a break after midterm elections?

Not by a long shot. The meme generators are at an all time high.

 It's fairly easy to catch them in the act, but does take some time and a broad review of various sources to see what "is being pushed".

Here is the story about the deadly California wildfires.

A reader submitted a meme that didn't even cross my mind.    These fires (15 of them) were all intentionally set, almost at the exact same time.    Under a theory of maximum chaos, maximum stress, maximum financial difficulties, a classic roll out of Globalist agenda to weaken and stress the USA.    At a cost of less than $100.    How could they not take this opportunity?   See bottom for video. 

Fox goes on to describe the smoke as "toxic" implying that this is something more than normal smoke.    No doubt, I think that the levels of several atomic bombs of radiation could be released, as northern California was heavily dosed from Fukushima fallout.   That radiation get bio-incorporated into the plants and trees, and gets released in a fire.    The fire cannot alter or eliminate the radiation, nor the process of bio-incorporation into plant life, only time gets rid of radiation.    And at the end of that multi-step process...the best case scenario is that you end up with lead. 

This other article attempts to dispel "toxic" even though the Fox article never even hinted at radioactivity.        

Any interesting place, Rocketdyne, caught my eye.   That was the site of a major radiation accident, that was poorly cleaned up.

All the Big Tech is scrambling.   Google has been throwing warnings at me for weeks now, since I traveled to Hawaii, and using different computers.    They are creating inconvenience and uncertainty for me on whether my log in attempts or websites edits will "take", for the purpose of trying to convince me, that they are looking out for me.  

The media continues to fan the flames of hatred and division, with MO attacking Trump, and in, of

This is reported as "the picture" from other sources which attribute the source as Twitter.
all Mayberry type places, Baraboo Wisconsin, apparently student raising their hands for a picture, is a full on hate crime.  

Fox is crashing and burning, too.   In the Baraboo story, they don't even provide "said picture" so people can make some objective decision of their own. 

The hypocrisy is beyond amazing.    The school then, in total Marxist fashion, decides to attack the students in the photo with any means possible, including legal action against them.    

From the comments section of the Fox article on the wild fires.

How many “minutes before” the fires? 10? 17? 60? Be more specific in this so called “reporting” you do.
  • It said 2 minutes. How synchronized are their clocks? 
    The obvious unasked question. Did a utility explosion cause the fires, or did a tree falling onto a powerline (lack of maintenance) short out the utility and simultaneously start a fire?
  • "How synchronized are their clocks?" That is a very good question. The answer is "highly" synchronized. Atomic clock synchronized. As they say, timing is everything..........They have to be. Also, there have been several test "attacks" on California's power grid. Some of the transformers and other types of equipment are both expensive and time consuming to replace. Some are not "on hand" for quick replacement. A major attack on the grid there would be crippling and has been a major concern for years
  • 2 min for every fire, each new blaze?
    The utility's report, which was submitted "out of an abundance of caution," said the Woolsey Fire was reported at 2:24 p.m. on Thursday -- two minutes after an outage was reported at the substation.
    ---------------Oh, they also had this Blurb --for the more northern "Camp Fire"
    The company said in a one-paragraph summary filed Thursday with state utility regulators that it had experienced an outage on the line at 6:15 a.m., about 15 minutes before the fire started.
stock here--- besides the risk of a man caused attack on the  grid.......

A CME from our star, the sun, could blast a whole hemisphere back to the stone age. And think of the additional risks once our transportation systems are mostly electrified? No ability for recovery, but plenty of opportunity for invasion. This is a national security threat and these greedy utility asshats can't even keep the trees trimmed away from their power lines.

Many follow me for my work on Earthquakes and Vulcanism.    So will drop this EQ in Hawaii.   It's
at a "normal" place, the caldera of the erupting Kilaeua (well used to be erupting).

Add is right at the surface, I wonder how many are that shallow?
Cali fires intentionally set?

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  1. "It doesn’t take a scientist to understand 15 major fires erupting simultaneously at 11:30 at night, is not a “natural” event":

    For whatever reason I think they artifically stopped the rain and then caused these fires to break out at the same time.
    The 2 electric plant transformer "problems" were within minutes of each other at opposite ends of the state.

    More in comments here -
    Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 – USAF, 1996


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