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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

CNN Pours Gas On Itself -- Opens Up It's Internal Communications to Discovery

stock here: you know that within the inner sanctum of big Media, their written trail of information is enough to "prove" to even a disbeliever, exactly how they are used as propaganda to weaken and harm the USA.   

Amazingly, no one within the tech side of those companies has leaked a mass amount of emails and texts.  

But these can, and should be not just taken under discovery, but like the Cohen shenanigans, should be raided under the premise that if the charges against Big Media are true, it would also be true that they would destroy evidence.

And this next story seems like a shot across the bow, not a direct hit, but a sure hint.   I don't know if at this point we could ever "shame" Big Media into at least trying to act independent. 

Story IS NOT the breakup of big Media, but limiting how they can share information, which they have been, in order to fleece the advertisers, and thus, the US citizens.

Justice Department Requires Six Broadcast Television Companies to Terminate and Refrain From Unlawful Sharing of Competitively Sensitive Information
Proposed Settlement Preserves Competition in Broadcast Television Advertising Markets Across the United States and Requires Cooperation in Ongoing Antitrust Division Investigation

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