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Monday, December 10, 2018

GW Bush Funeral -- Review of Body Language and Relationships

As noted before Trump decided to "play nice", quite different from McCain.

 See my other article on "D5". It's not really my article, just reblogging some Q information.

Mandy, my favorite Body Language Interpreter, says this is the first "real funeral" and not just a political stunt.


  1. So many talking about audience behavior at the funeral ... evidently they forgot they were all on camera!
    Bonus - Hillary couldn't decide what to wear so she chose one of Bill's old suits :)

    Highly speculated on the net - GHWB died quite a bit earlier, or was "helped" to die, kept on ice and funeral was put out Dec. 5 (D-5) for message reasons and also doing it that day postponed important hearings in DC on FBI botching Hillary e-mail investigation.

    Others even talking about mystery planes to Gitmo (GHWB kidnapped, jailed?) ...

  2. Some speculated that it would be a closed casket, to conceal evidence of how and when he died. Freezer burn Much?!

    You saw the bit about the
    Wojtkiewicz Chess game and D5?


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