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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas! Christmas Has Been Banned By Twitter

As we enter the Christmas Season, it appears that the leftist media, in the case, Twitter, has programmed their computers to push out a theme of:

1) Pushing 20% Tweets showing all Arabic writing, i.e. pushing Islam as a religion

2) Pushing the theme that celebrating Christmas will result in you going to hell

3) Pushing Islam via a Twitter user by moniker "Broken Girl"

4) Pushing a hypothesis that Adam and Eve were actually Black Transgender Refugees

5) Pushing a real selection of George Soros as "Person of the Year", fighting back against evil "populists"

6) Pushing pictures of Arabic looking man in reverent kneeling position. 

7) Pushing the theme of a Muslim man married to a "Leave it to Beaver" type white woman, and he is reading and preaching from a book, slamming the point home to her with a pointed finger, and she is listening attentively while also performing domestic chores. 

Hard to believe?    See these screen caps that Twitter fed into my feed in just 10 minutes.    I am not following any of these "people".

The Fake Social Media is the Enemy of Christianity.

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