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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Tips and Tricks for HTML and Java Script Usage on Websites

Just a short note that i picked up from listening to the new praying medic...

If you want to read a text thats hidden behind a paywall - Q often gives WaPo links, i.e. -, you can go to

and paste in the link of the article you want to read. will give you the plain text, no pics etc.

You can also use the developers console in your browser to identify the blocking elements, then remove them (style="display:none"), a healthy knowledge of javascript goes a long way. You can even force the window to scroll.

CTRL-SHIFT-C in firefox & chrome

Mouse over the sub-window to see it's code + name/id.


Another reader chimes in

thanks for the tip... there is an even easier way (which i always use when i can copy from a site): save the page as html only. when you open it from you desktop, no script prevents any actions anymore.

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