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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What is The Purpose of Scary "Earthwide Blackout" Stories?

stock here: My premise:   The MSM is being directed to scare and de-stabilize people with scary mis-reported stories, now including Solar Destruction that we have no warning about.

My noted reality, is that even if "they" had strong evidence of a massive incoming CME, they would fail to alert the public, just like after a nuclear accident, just like if a large asteroid were about to wreak havoc.   They would also fail to even disconnect large transformers from the grid 

Sept 18, 2018

TECH WARNING: Huge solar storm WIPING OUT global technology is a matter of WHEN… not if

A DEVASTATING solar storm is a matter of WHEN and not if, say scientists, and it will have the ability to wipe out communications on Earth.

Sept 21 2018

End of The World WARNING: Next big geomagnetic storm poses HUGE risk to modern man

Aug 17,  2018

Solar storm forecast: GIANT coronal hole opens as NASA charts Sun’s magnetic field

A GIANT tear in the Sun’s corona ejecting a stream of energised particles at Earth has been captured by NASA as the space agency mapped the Sun’s intense magnetic field.




I have been promoting the idea that USA should be hardening it's electrical systems to mitigate damages due to Solar CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) for over a decade.   A Carrington magnitude event could change the world in a day.  

And earlier this year, I went on record, being the first, as far as I know, to point out the anti-mitigating effect (what is the right adjective for that, exasperating?) of the electrification of our transportation systems. 

10 years back, some people claimed that the USA electrical distribution grid could be CME / EMP hardened for the cost of around $500M.    My estimate was closer to $2B, but in the overall scheme of things, it is chump change.    Why it hasn't been done baffles the imagination.    Maybe utilities, which pretty control their regulators, think that the most likely scenarios involve limited large transformer damages, instead of world changing blackouts...and as such they realize that "acts of God" that damage their equipment will simply be an excuse for a large project (with skim opportunities) with profits made on the project, and also rate hikes.

But now, it seems quite fashionable in the MSM to throw out scary news about "Grid Down" along the horrific reporting and misrepresenting. 
Example, in the linked story and video below, they state that is the "solar wind" that can knock out GPS, mobile phone signal, and TV.    OMG the horror!    And then after scaring people about their "phones and TV" they non-chalantly add that we could see power station "blow outs" and a loss of power.

OK folks, it is bullshit to call the solar wind, as a CME is a totally different animal.   The solar wind is always present.

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