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Sunday, January 6, 2019

911 Attack Truth May Come Out -- Expect Supply Disruptions at a Minimal --

Things seem to be ramping up here.    

Who knows, maybe the wall fight may be the catalyst for the "next step".     For many months, every time I go to a store, I will leave with a lot of stuff.  

My perspective is to have several months of anything that you would sorely miss if "supply disruption" occurred and things just stopped working.    A check and test of any and all weapons and security systems is warranted and encouraged.

The fake news media is getting worried, and they are propelling a meme that journalism itself is under attack.  

"The Criminals Who Run The Deep State Will Be Exposed": Kim Dotcom Teases "Next Round Of Leaks"

Saw this one on Twitter, pre 911 appears to show a missile go right by WTC.

 On that note, flyingcuttlefish directed me to a site with a plethora of 911 videos. 

And here is FC's pick of some of those videos.

From my prior research--

1) Gov knew about plot to fly airplanes into  WTC well in advance.
2) Gov ran those buildings, but Gov is self insured.   So they leased them out to someone who could collect insurance from private insurance company.
3) Demolition of those buildings with all the asbestos and lead paint would be Billions and Billions of dollars.
4) Airplanes really did fly into those buildings
5) Some videos clearly show explosions in a coordinated way, occurring on the shell of the WTCs.
6) USGS intense testing of the debris showed radio-nuclides at hundreds of times expected back ground even considering the materials and equipment inside those buildings.   I did a deep dive article on that.
7) Almost for sure, mini-nukes at sub basement level to "make room" for the buildings collapse and to shake and bake and make sure they went all the way down.


  1. I think everyone is "stocking up" even if they don't call themselves preppers. Although soil next to my house is poor it provides great bounty when I put some of this seaweed washing up into the garden. I am growing pumpkins (local giant acorn squash) .
    USA needs to get rid of these no-gardening home owner ordinances. And get rid of these prissy bans on drying wash on a line.
    Kil the planet so your pesticide-filled yard will look pristine!

    1. I amended my clay soil with 250,000 lbs of stuff, compost, sand, mulch, etc. Now I have a huge garden that can grow enough for 2 families for full year.

  2. NOTE: I updated this post with a lot of new info - (I am less than 1/2 way thru the folder and will update it more.

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