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Monday, January 21, 2019

American History -- Khan Academy Has A Great, Free Resource to Brush Up

There are a bunch of different time periods.

I was researching what I found was called the Homestead Act, when USA gave away 160 acres at a pop for people to set up homesteads in the Mid-West and West.

This act was open to all people of any color and creed, including the slaves freed in 1963.


MLK said that the freed slaves could not participate, and therefore started at a disadvantage.

My point is not to bash MLK, but to point out that it is very unhealthy for any group to think that "we are owed something" when it is not true.   Fact is, even when it is true, that outlook is not healthy.

It breeds complacency, and a "dream" that things will just come your way someday.  

Traitors and subversionists that would like to weaken and fundamentally change the USA are not going to go away because we "out argue them".    Yes the Universe owes this to us, to restore our country and basic law....but that means squat.   We need to take it back.

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