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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Finally, in the UK 7 of 8 Nuclear Projects Have Been Abandoned, RE is Cheaper, Quicker

story hat tip to Lot's Wife

Only Hinkley remains underway.   And we all know how that will turn out, twice the build time,
triple the original budget.

Experts, eh?
HITACHI has announced the decision to suspend indefinitely its UK nuclear power station construction project, located in Wylfa Newydd, Anglesey, Wales. Experts have warned that this could lead to a UK energy crisis.

stock here --- a new meme has come out the "balanced mix", I am surprised they are not jumping on the "diverse and inclusive" meme that Linkedin has taken up as SJWs....

If we want a balanced generation mix, Government must work with industry to deliver that vital capacity on this site.

Greenpeace, which a decade ago was promoting nuclear as "the new green" has come to it's senses.

Doug Parr, Chief Scientist for Greenpeace UK, said: “The government’s thinking seems to have finally caught up with reality. If the UK’s ageing energy policy is at last opened up to scrutiny, we must ensure that the main question is not how best to make the taxpayer cough up for new nuclear. There is little justification for spending our money on this outdated technology when even the government now acknowledges that renewables are cheaper, quicker to build, and cleaner.”

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