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Monday, January 7, 2019

Motive Driven Media (MDM) Is At Risk Of Serious Shutdown -- Battlelines Are Drawn -- Trump Weighs In -- Memes In Play

A meme is a theme, or a narrative.    It can be as short as a cartoon graphic.

I am coining a term, even a legal term, as the propaganda machine needs to be dealt with now in a legal sense.    Motive Driven Media.   MDM.

MDM has become pretty unhinged in their brazen efforts to maintain the Establishment with the Globalists pulling strings behind the scenes
George Soros as "Man of the Year"
LOL when someone is called a philanthropist, you need to look at them with suspicion. 

Some of the worst and most predictable promoters of Globalism (which incidentally ALWAYS rabbit trails back to Communism/Socialism, aka Huge Government) are financially related "News" such as Financial Times, or Forbes, those types.

Crowder is well read, his videos get millions to tens of millions of hits.   Here is one of Crowder who interviews a Journalist who pretty much slandered Crowder.   Crowder does a lot of other good stuff, and with a sense of humor.   He is, after all, a comedian.

And his page if you want to see more

The MDM is ignoring the yellow vest protests.    It doesn't fit their narrative, and they sure don't want
this coming to USA.

Per ABC link to AP news, apparently they stopped covering the yellow vests on Dec 15, 2018

On Jan 3, they arrested a leader of the Yellow Vests, apparently it is now safe to talk about the YV again!


  1. a perfect example to MDM -
    I was looking at archived tv reports on 9-11 and, as years pass it is stunning how SCRIPTED the questions are from "reporters" do interviews with (scripted) "expert". They feature ALL the talking points the deep state has tried to drum in to people since the dust was still billowing from tower 1 at WTC.

    Points like - box-cutter toting hijackers

    Airlines could never foresee "human bombs" (foresee has a legal definition that keeps popping up in the darkoverlord documents I have been reporting on)

    This event was "an act of WAR" and demands like retaliation

    Gov. must bail out airlines, add security etc. and not prosecute them for poor security.

    Al Quiada, Al Quiada, Al Quiada

    heartwarming resurgence of patriotism by the public

    etc. etc.

    1. BBC had the script even before WTC 7 "fell"

      Its time. Prosecute the propaganda machines.

  2. MDM - Money Driven Media -
    MI6 linked, UK foreign ministry funded (2 million pounds) influence operation "Integrity Initiative" pushes schoolyard propaganda on Julian Assange

  3. Gossip (unconfirmed) - Yellow Vests are planning a Bank Run in France on Saturday
    ... from a YT comment

    1. I wonder if we get said bank run,

      MDM is still quite quiet on this, not ignoring completely, but downplaying for sure.


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