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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Polar Vortex and "Climate Change" And A Review of the Globalist Lies

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In October I predicted a brutal winter, and  proceeded by super mulching all my trees and perennial beds.   This prediction was based upon the pattern of Quiet Sun (low sun spots in a 11 or 22 year cycle) causing the polar vortex to eith move down and west in relation to USA or to split up into multiple parts that also move down.     Then in late December, we made the call for late Jan to see the playout.

We also pointed out the hilarity as NOAA steps on it's own dick and announces a "mild winter across the USA with almost all areas warmer than normal and no areas colder than normal.    Seriously, that story is here.

NOAA, In Amazing Display of Hubris, Arrogance, and Stupidity Predicts a Warm Winter in USA

The CBS talking heads about pimping out climate change, hopping on the AOC bandwagon, what a sad wagon to be on.   Of course, they use it to take a pot shot at Donald Trump.

Their wind map looks a lot different than these two resources,46.43,598

The guy who programs the above wind map, also uses corrupted data to intend to show "climate

Second Wind Map Resource

When in fact the UK's HadCRUT data show 2018 temps dropping at equal to the fastest rate in the last few centuries.  

And we documented how HadCRUT as of Jan 29, had failed to update its records with the December Data.     HINT -- the drops continue and they are figuring out how to jigger the data.

Here is link to the "met" ie the UK weather peoples.

change" aka Global Warming, even though the real data show something completely different.

This is a Chart I did in Oct 2018, methinks it has dropped further since then

Note the upper chart....isn't "the pause" quite obvious?

here is one year time lapse of wind patterns

Look at this "Drone kid" with absurd facial expressions. A tool, a fool.

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