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Monday, January 28, 2019

"Quiet Sun" Causes EQ and Volcanic Eruptions -- Proof of the Hypothesis

I will flesh this out better and more professionally later, but wanted to get it out there before someone else lays claim to the discovery.    It is an "earth shaking" discovery, literally.

Using historical records of the Moana Loa Volcano going back to the early 1800's, and historical records of our Star's Sun Spot counts, it became very obvious that solar minimums, aka Quiet Sun, cause volcanic eruptions.   

1) More than half of the big Eruptions were right on solar minimum. 
2) Eruptions NEVER happen when the sun is cycling from minimum to maximum (therefore half of the time, you can be assured the eruptions will not happen)
3) If the Eruption did not happen on the minimum, then it will happen usually at 1/3 to 1/2 of the way "back down from the peak" and once in a while, right at the peak.

Well this should flip the geophysics eggheads, on their heads.

Here is one source for sun spot historical numbers

Here is the source of sunspot numbers I used, its an awesome site, and you can zoom in on the time period in question by clicking on the graphic.     SUNSPOTS 

The green highlights in the chart below shows when eruptions and Quiet Sun (QS) are perfectly aligned, which is more than half.    

And using the linked reference below, that real scientist shows by chemical analysis that the 1868 Eruption, linked with a 7.5 EQ, movement of the Hilina Slump, and Tsunami also greatly impacted the Moana Loa Magma system, throwing the QS/EQ/VER link out of kilter for a while.

Here is the source of the Eruption Data

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