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Monday, January 7, 2019

Yellow Vests and Alinsky? Lets Review Alinsky First (BHO HRC relevant)

Mainstream Media is totally ignoring the yellow jacket protests in France, It should also be pointed out that the meme that goes beyond "racist" is "white supremacist" is not simple another method of division, but a method of villinization. To take over the USA, it is necessary to overtake the primary controlling class.

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

You got the reference?

Saul Alinsky wrote that as his community organizing "Rules for Radicals" 

BHO followed Alinsky methods
HRC not just followed Alinsky methods, but wrote her Masters Thesis on Alinsky and interviewed Alinsky for her thesis.    HRC spoke highly of Alinsky.

One of Alinsky's insights was to realize how many stakeholders there were to organize. He saw that the same grievances connected ordinary citizens, labor unions, churches, small businesses, and more — and if you could somehow get all those groups together, they were almost unstoppable. And he did get them together.
It is often said that Alinsky dedicated the Rules For Radicals to Lucifer.   Righties tend to just accept

this, Ben Carlson used it directly in a speech.   Lefties want to dismiss is (or believe they have debunked it) by simply pointing out that the book was dedicated to Alinskys wife.

Alinsky was a major force in American politics/ Social Engineering.   He has many widespread
works and interviews.   His supporters argue that because he wasn't a fully committed Communist or a Satanist, that he did not enable Barrack Hussein Obama to become president, and HRC from almost continuing the "presidency"

Forbes does a "hit piece" for Alinsky  HERE, but there is much background information in here, and
you can see the spin.   They work hard to develop a case, to confound reality.  But in the end, there is not much facts in their arguments.

From VOX

And always good to go to the source -- Online reference for Rules for Radicals

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