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Monday, February 25, 2019

A New Meme "Protecting" Facebook Censorship -- Pretending That Censoring Prevents Horrific and Violent Images

Protecting the Censorship.  Got it?

Facebook's low-paid army of content moderators, who are often subjected to poor working conditions, suffer PTSD-like symptoms as they are exposed on a daily basis to some of the vilest and fringe content posted to the social network, according to a scathing new investigative report by The Verge.

The tech publication starts off describing how Chloe, a content moderator at Phoenix, Ariz.-based Cognizant – where 1,000 people work to make very fast decisions under intense pressure about whether content that's been flagged is in violation of Facebook's rules – on that day has to moderate posts in front of her fellow soon-to-be-moderators as she's being trained.

 Pelosi, she is barely holding it together.

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