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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Avenatti -- Coudn't Happen to Nicer Guy -- Now Accused of Bankruptcy Fraud

So it looks like good ol' Mikey, paid himself millions of dollars to handle his own companies bankruptcy, and then hid that money oversees.  

Irvine, California attorney Jason Frank claims that his ex-law partner, "creepy porn lawyer" Michael Avenatti, committed bankruptcy fraud - hiding millions of dollars from the court handling his law firm's bankruptcy, while using much of the money for personal compensation, according to the Los Angeles Times, citing court records. 

I was on to Avenatti out of the gate.    He ripped off Barista's to the tune of $5M, and then refused to turn over employment tax money to the Feds.   More fraud.    A little boy who likes big tits and cheating as much as he can.  

I wrote 

Stormy Times Coming to Those Who Disparage, Defame, or Blackmail Trump

And now it looks to be true.

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