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Friday, February 8, 2019

Covington Boys Still Demonized by "Comedy" Bill Maher -- Long After the Truth Was Exposed

This embedded from Twitter, I hope you can use it.

I first exposed these issue on Jan 20.    By Jan 21 the whole event was debunked and the true nature of a leftist intentional smear was exposed.

But on Jan 26, some GMO (Globalist Media Operations) was still peddling the lies.


At 11:30 PM Monday CBS has this interview with the Indian, still promoting a totally false narrative, with the Indian saying "I don't think he should be expelled, I think the adults there should be disciplined, and he hopes the young man can forgive himself", and the CBS mouthpiece stating "what a powerful narrative that is, he should forgive himself"

WOW doubling down after the Expose' 

Heavy is also doubling down, stating as fact, what is clearly the opposite.    And not just talking baout Nathan Phillips, it launches into an attack on the High School and the Diocese.

And this Disney Producer shows a gorey bloody image of MAGA kids being thrown in a wood

The "Indian" is more than meets the eye.    He is a paid actor, and connected to leftist activists that donate large sums to leftist causes.

He also approached a group of students in Michigan in 2015, and reporting to Fox 2 News that the

students mocked him, called him racist slurs, and even battered him (with a beer can).    But he refused to press charges, and there was no investigation, and he said he would pray for them.   Similar to how he went on TV interview and said he would pray for the MAGA boy to "be able to forgive himself for what he did".   Seriously.

And more proof of Indian as leftist Trump hating activist

And he was a main character in this Reggae music video, which, is a pretty good video/music, but it has overtones of racism against whites, and against police doing their jobs, and spiritual and physical attacks on the lone white police officer.    Seems like a common theme.

Some Fresh footage here.   From some real racists, with some real hate speech.   It is beyond low class.  Not suitable for work locations.

stock here -- added a bunch of screen captures at the bottom.    A high level attorney offerered his services pro-bono to help the kids and families to sue the perps!!!!

------------------------------------------------------- After the "Trump told Cohen to lie" debacle that even the left CNN decried their own slantedness,

even today at 1:39 PM long after the "catholic boys abusing indians" total lie was debunked this lie is still being pushed, and I was suspended on twitter for pointing it out.

If you want to report media slander and bullying against these young men, use this link


Low IQ Brainwashed people will believe the narratives of the lying abusive Mass Media.

If you let yourself into this, regardless of whether it matches your world view, if you let lies reinforce your views, you are guilty.   You are

I replied to this "fake tweet" and was immediately, like 5 seconds later, suspended from Twitter.


Same goes for conservative type people who let commentators, perhaps like Alex Jones, who juice the stories too much into falsehood, are also guilty.    Don't fall into the trap.

Need I say more?

Apparently, some people did know the name of this non-Mockingbird, and they doxxed him and others, exposing these youths to possibly violent attacks by ignorant leftists or worse.

For the Video in question, the narrative fits into the "flip the meme, meme".

In reality, it is just the opposite.
It’s being portrayed as a gotcha moment of racism, hatred, bigotry and lack of respect for Native American culture. However, a video clip taken from another aspect tells a far different story about what really happened when Native American Nathan Phillips crossed a football field of empty space to insert himself into the midst of Trump supporters, Catholic school students and other conservative supporters of this weekend’s March for Life attendees in Washington D.C. 

Shall we list the MSM enemies of the people pushing the Globalist Agenda

  1. CNN
  2. Huffington Post
  3. The Guardian 
  4. The Daily Beast 
  5. The New York Times
  6. Washington Post
  7. Facebook
  8. Twitter
  9. Amazon 
"We been here millions of years....get the fuck out of here, go back to Europe."

here is the attack by the Archdioceses on the boys

the media present this story as: (but the whole videos show a completely different story. Here is an analysis of this particular attack on Religious Straight White Males

NYT is one of the primary enemies of the people Gender confusion is part of the narrative, part of the


  An anti-Gillette piece by a Watch Maker And now this is at the top of my Twitter feed every time I log in
Those we used to respect, how far have they fallen 

Porn Daniels jumps on the anti-Christian, Anti-Trump, Anti-Wall train
The Daily Beast (Fake Globalist News) still reports as if the narrative were true, and says that Catholics are calling for the boys to be expelled.
On the Catholic Conference of Kentucky website, many Catholics called for the boys to be expelled.
“As a practicing Catholic and parent I can only pray that these children are expelled and the adult chaperones face severe consequences. This behavior brought me to tears,” a commenter named Julia Delgado wrote.


Nathan Phillips doubles down on entrapment and lies. CNN is complicit in this, it is 19 hours old and then still have this video up. He claims that they started chanting "Build the Wall"

I was about to make a comment on this video but something inside me said that I should find this full video that a lot of people were mentioning in the comments. I saw the full video and I saw the native American approach the kid with his drum and chanting and the video shows that the native American had nothing to fear and that what was said in the CNN video was a lie. I think it is disgraceful that CNN did not show the native American walking up to the white kid and got in his face and not the other way around. I myself am African American in case someone was wondering if this is a white person making this comment.
SHELBY FISHER you should also fact check every bit of CNN news and you'll see so much of it is lies.
@Shelby We all need to find a way to come together for our own good. CNN and other hateful leftists are deliberately lying to divide us. There is so much we can accomplish together. I pray for us that we can see through the lies.
SHELBY FISHER CNN does this anti white shit all the time, they can’t help themselves, they may have even set it up like this
You know what the funniest thing is ? Angry liberal mob do not care if this video fake or not. They just want to hate. Without reason. Imagine the amount of shit this kid got simply for STANDING SILENTLY.
Oh well. Time for Native Lives Matter then. Enough BLM crap

The Indian was probably high on fire water or Peyote, of course the twat reporter is a complete liberal, lying POS, the Norm for CNN...Cocksuckers!
@Massacre Wurm I know mainstream media is going to turn that young man into a villain when he did absolutely nothing but smile at the man who approached him. The native American said he felt threatened and as I watched the video I said to myself then why don't you just step back or go around?

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