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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mental Training As A Part of Preparedness -- Suspicious Observers

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Ben Davidson of Suspicious Observers is a giant among citizen scientists.    He breaks new ground, and he combines and leverages the work of others.    He has branched more into EQ lately, but is still getting up to speed. 

He has some recent "mini-Nova" phase of the sun that is pretty scary stuff, almost a game over scenario.   A great reset at the very least.   I won't cover that here, but you can review his channel.  

In this "long" video of 16 minutes, he interviews experts that discuss magnetic reversals, and increased radiation.    This is some of my earliest work too, in which I correlate massive jumps in evolution and new life forms with magnetic reversals.

How many times does super important events on earth go back to Galactic Cosmic Rays?    Search that on this site.     Cloud nucleation (and effect on temperature), radiation based kill off of plankton and other bottom of the food chain, vulcanism and earthquakes, evolution and die-offs.

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