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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Nukepro Get Trolled By Who Other Than Jay T. Cullen

Hilarious, this just appeared, not just in my Twitter feed, but my specific notifications.

"The" testing the wrong thing, no radiation here, U Vic professor, Jay Cullen, trolls my site.   That is a sign of the times. 

Looks like some Marine Scientists are trying to educate themselves at the Nukepro, LOL


Funny how the system attacks all those who expose the hilarity and hypocrisy of "the system".

Tulsi Gabbard, a Dem, running for President, has a strong anti-war, anti intervention platform.

So of course the war mongers (80% of our Federal Government) really hate her.  

Amazing, this fine Hindu lady, a combat veteran of the USA, has now been labelled............

A Kremlin Spy, a Putin Puppet. 

 And for this she has been the target of the worst kind of smear campaign, one that was internally generated by a US funded, DNC-enabled, opposition firm. No longer is it enough to bomb or gas people overseas in false flag operations to keep the electorate braying for war.

I know Tulsi, and her dad who was the Energy Chair in Hawaii when solar was flying the fastest.     Drank beer with Mike and my friend Karl who was friends with him.    She is anti-war.   She is the farthest thing from a Putin Puppet as anyone in government.


  1. hey ... he's had a whole make-over. Now he looks like Simon - from Rocky & Bullwinkle -

    I suspect he got an infusion of cash by PR firm to
    go after "conspiracies"
    What a pest!

    I see he's still kicking Dana. Very brave of him since his court order doesn't allow Dana to answer the nuke puke's lies.
    Say, nuke-whore, Cullen, when are you and your gang going to go to Fukushima and inspect that "cleaned up" cooling pool at unit 3? After all it's so harmless. The boycott of Fukushima by 100% of North American scientists seems a bit odd after all these years since it's so safe. You could use your ideaFest wad to pay for the trip.

  2. of nuke interest -

    ... a case study, the motives and actions of a community of urban explorers who systematically trace and visit former Royal Observer Corps nuclear monitoring bunkers, of which there are some 1,600 across the UK.

  3. I got an idea ... let's crowd fund a campaign to send Jay Cullen to the 2020 Olympics. He can stay at a guesthouse in Fukushima!


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