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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Only Good Vibes -- Humans Risk Everything --- To Save Man's Best Friend

I am sure some don't have Twitter.   So I spent about 1.5H and $30 to buy the 2019 Version of Snagit, I had been using a free version from way back when with no expiration, but figured the new one would have better everything, and it does.   It has some minor, easy, video editing.

If you are doing anything on computer, not just blogging, its a great program.   I think the list price is $50 but somehow I was "legacy" and got a deal.

I need to learn how to screen capture video, I think it not too hard.   Then I can put the video directly into this website without the need for having to use Twitter.

------------------------------------- The upload to Blogger at 23MB was pretty quick, a handful of seconds, not 15 for sure.

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