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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Japan Is One of The "Unbroken Tribes" That Must Be Broken for Globalist Agendas

Japan is one of the strongest "tribes".    Being Japanese is unlike any other race.   They have what amounts to a religion that basically comes down to "how to be Japanese", its called Shinto.

So getting Japan to join some kind of global government, even a stealth one via "fighting carbon" or trade agreements is a tough sell.

This Pope (a full on Globalist) is going to visit Japan and try to keep them weak, the weaker they are, the more they can be controlled.   The Pope has ramped it up a bit, stating that it is immoral to possess nuclear weapon.   Not immoral to use them, immoral to possess them. 

In 2011, after Fukushima, this Pope was not yet "in charge", but HRC was secretary of state, and went to Japan to talk in person, and basically to buy their radioactive food in exchange for a softened stance on Globalism.   Hard to believe?   Proof is here in my article.

Clinton Email Prove She Made a Shady Deal With Japan on Kissinger's Advice, Buying Fukushima Radiation Infested Food W/O Testing

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