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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Unusual Only 5 EQ on the Ring of Fire -- Predicting A Big One On The Ring 7Mag

Update, after a travel to mainland, I
got my main projects started and have a minute to revisit this "call" for a 7Mag on the Ring.

Call made on 2-20-19, EQ at 7.5M arrived on 2-22-19.   Not Bad.

Better than the Eggheads at USGS with hundreds of millions, a YEAR, who cannot predict shit. 

What is Unusual? 30 EQ is kind of low for whole world over 2.5M 24H, but only 5 EQ ON THE RING OF FIRE is very odd. This after the Super Moon.

Hawaii has unusual activity last week.   Here are some of the screen shots.


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