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Monday, March 4, 2019

Amazon Bezos / Washington Post Investigated in Shady $10B Sole Source Military and Intelligence Storage "Cloud"

At first I thought it was a $600M contract with the CIA.....then saw it as $10B with Pentagon.   I am glad I rechecked, and now adding in this older link -- The CIA really does have a $600M contract with Bezos.

Why would it even start to make sense for a online retailer to be given sole source contract for $10B to store data of the most secret National interest?    And call it a "cloud", as in....sorry that China hacked our cloud and got our latest Carrier and Hypersonic development secrets......

This is a contract with The Pentagon.    I wonder how many Global Swamp critters inhabit that place?  You know, the airliner flew into our building but there were no damage from wings kind of Swamp place?

This is great!   Expose corruption and slap back Bezos and his country hating Washington Post


I'll be Bezos would love to just breath in the profits on that $10B deal.

Business Insider is part of the Globalist Owned Liberal Lackey Only Media (GOLLUM).   They are pretending that Amazon is getting smeared.

In reality Amazon is getting investigated. 

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