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Monday, March 18, 2019

Boycott Advertisers of Biased Media -- An Easy Way to Email Blast 60 or 70 Supporters of Biased Media

stock here-- I posted on this before and recognize their new website.

I did a few email blasts, it can't hurt to get their attention.    But who knows, maybe advertisers prefer to advertise on the Fake News sites, because their viewership is more sheep like, more easily swayed. 

They are trying to get 1000 people to send out these emails, that would be around 80,000 emails.   Not world changing, but bringing Media Bias (the primary enemy of the people as least in term of implementation of the Globalist agenda).

It should also be clear, that when all of the rabbit trails of all the conspiracies (real conspiracies not just stupid talk) are followed to their end, they always end up at supreme government control, aka Communism and Socialism.

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