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Friday, March 15, 2019

Find Humor in the Insanity?

Egads, this shit gets too damn confusing sometimes. No wonder the liberals are on the wrong side. It's just too confusing......

We have Adam Schiff who basically look just like strzok, the evil just exudes out of both of these fuckers...

So Schiff invites strzok to testify about how bad the orange man is before Congress, even though strzok was proven biased by mueller (one of the most corrupt to ever step foot in Washington) and removed from the investigation.. because strzok had an affair with Lisa page, (who happens to look a lot like hillaries best friend Huma) Lisa page is a FBI lawyer and strzok had texted her showing how much he hated Trump.

Lisa page is not to be confused with Carter page who is a former foreign policy advisor to trump, and a petroleum industry consultant, that just so happened to also get caught up in the illegal "Russian collusion" spying operation that appears to have been started by a president that may have been born in Kenya but claims to have been born in Hawaii, who is married to a sausage-pants lady named Michelle, that could be named Michael.

All this while Democrats cry that Russia was interfering in an election using a few Russian bots to influence who us citizens would vote for... All the while also pushing for making voting by illegal non citizens to be made legal.. so I suppose it's not okay for Russians to post to Facebook about us elections, but if Russians just walk across the southern border they can actually just vote in person in said election.

Add to that the new freshman Congress lady who has a name too long to say so everyone just calls AOC, who confuses everyone every times she speaks because of what she says makes not sense. (And also looks exactly like hillaries best friend Huma Abedins sister Heba Abedin) pushes for shutting down all flights and replacing them with trains and stopping cows from farting, a plan that will take decades all because we're going to die in 12 years.... All of this is because the followers of a lady named Hillary who sold 20 percent of USA uranium to Russia for personal profit wants to prove that Donald Trump's somehow colluded with the Russians.

There is more, but I'm getting confused just trying to explain why it's confusing so maybe I'll stop.
Anything you want to add?

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