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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to clean house of corruption in Government in USA

I think that practicality is key.    Not Vengeance or hatred (use them to find energy, but then focus back on what works.) 

Take down the lower levels first, indicate, put a few through classic court, pick 3 for tribunals.    Have them rat out each other and their bosses, and give them great/good plea deals.   Some of the pleas are designed to be "great" ------great so their is a wide question of "what do I have to do to get the 'great deal'"

Declassify much information.

Set up the worst of the media under the auspices of the FCC as licenses, including social media. 
For those who just make up seditious stories, take their license and prosecute.

That will make the next level up think they will also "get good deals", and do it, extract confessions and evidence and give them good deals, but make sure to keep them out of power, FOREVER.

Simultaneously, Sue the Globalist mouthpiece funded media and social policy makers.   That is outlined at the bottom.    Prepare to prosecute under FARA Act, USC 611.   Or use USC 951, which is easier proof if the person an agent of a foreign government.    Classify the Globalists as a foreign government, and loop in the "Deep State" as part of the Globalist foreign government.    Again see bottom for more information.

Next level is right below the top.    Let them think that they too will get a good plea deal for excellent cooperation.     Work them hard, jail them for contempt even if it is made up, throw some in jail for a few days to few weeks, get them scared.    Get them to admit even more, the pedophilia, that satanic rituals, and if we ever get to the bottom of the fetal tissue thing...........and get them to throw the top bosses under the bus, get them to throw the financiers and lawyers under the bus.   Give one of them a good plea deal, and keep working over the others to extract even more red pills.     Now you have the evidence to hang the top levels, Obama, Hillary, Bill, Biden, McCain......take down all the contenders for president, find the dirt on Roberts and get rid of him too.   

Now develop the evidence to be iron clad, for all top level and one level down.     Now convict one of them of treason, and hang them in public.    Ask the others to come clean to avoid the same fate.    Get the low down on the Pope, find out who has the video of the Pope having sex with children, and get the video.    Red pill the masses with a clear cut presentation on the crimes against the USA, 25% may sway, 25% will never sway (get them on a list for possible future use).    Now rapidly wrap up all the "trials" using the Judicial system for cases that are iron clad, and try them with only the best judges, mostly federal judges so that no governors could provide pardons.

The rest that would have to be tried at State level, or that the cases are clear, but evidence is not perfect....try them under military tribunal, to make sure no California or New York state pardon could get them off the hook.     Capital punishment for 80% of them.      Harsh jail for the rest.    For the ones that earlier took plea agreements, probably new evidence was generated, go back to the ones that can be prosecuted outside of their original plea, and prosecute them too.  

The 20% that want to "be around" should have video confessions showing how "I just got looped into this thing, I thought I was doing a good empathic thing, relating to the oppressed, but not realizing that I was promoting the agenda  of interests contrary to the Sovereignty of the USA.  And Trump was so vulgar, that just set us off, it wasn't really our fault, but it was.

Have several of the 20% say the same thing but in different ways, the idea is to get through to the kind hearted people of the Left (co-opted Left), and get them to realize that even much more smarter and powerful people were fooled, to mitigate their own resistance to looking at reality.    

Sue the companies that have been promoting the Globalist Co-Opted Left narratives, get discovery on all their email.   Set up a few, have the NSA hack fully into them and "get everything" emails and texts and voice where possible.    Then let them turn over their discovery, and nail them to the FUCKING WALL.   Send their lawyers into jail too.   Now the rest of them will be much more loath to tried to destroy evidence

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  1. Wow... This is the first time I've made a comment. I like the way you think.


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